What is Pizzapocket?

Pizzapocket is an innovation in the food service, or better is a branch of the cloud Kitchen.

Cloud Kitchen is a new concept of restaurant where the food instead to be consumed in the restaurant is delivered @home or in other places preferred by the customer.

The cloud- kitchen not being engaged in the service, it  concentrates completely on the preparation of the food.

Today we are in a digital society our lifestyle is literally changing, the network becomes our habitat, knowledge increases, and wellness is the new trend.

Pizzapocket wants to be protagonist of this new challenge. We want to offer the best of the Italian traditional cuisine, being careful to keep the authentic taste but following the parameters of healthy and light nutrition.

Nowadays with our sedentary life and high caloric diet, the overweight and obesity is a problem for many people. We see a big campaign against the carbohydrates and new fads like keto, no carbohydrates and so on.

Nutrition and metabolism are a complicate matter, in order to lose weight, there are many theories and of course today we have a big scientific knowledge. The Mediterranean diet is recognised as one of the healthiest and tasteful diet.

We are carbo friendly, certainly they must be taken in balance with all the other components that we need and in moderation. Since the agricultural revolution, cereals have been the basis of human nutrition and every civilization has developed in harmony with the cereals of the area where the main ones are wheat, rice, corn, millet, barley and rye.

So is almost 10.000 years that the base of our nutrition are cereals. In the recent time overall for the wheat and the rice instead of raw flours, refined flours have been used, eliminating from the nutrition substances rich in fibers very useful in digestion, to increase the sense of satiety and decrease calories.

Dear pizzapocket ’ customer we offer in our menu’pizza, pasta and bread also in whole wheat choice and we really suggest you to eat whole wheat  and whole rice, not only for your calories but also for your healthy.

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